Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Blog -- New Topic!

I've been having some fun with my other hobby blog (Please be patient, I am evolving as fast as I can!) that I decided to do one concerning my other hobby, Cooking. Here I plan on dropping in recipes, maybe comments on various cooking shows and books. The plan here is to also wander the blogsphere for other cooks, connect up and even experiment.

Am I a good cook? Not yet. Without a doubt my wife is a better cook. But for me cooking is fun, for her it's a chore. So I am willing to stretch a bit and try something new. Most of the times the results are edible -- unless you ask me about the salt pork I tried in baked beans, inedible is the kindest word that comes to mind -- and well received.

Hope you enjoy your visit here and if you have a cooking blog, drop me a link. If you have a recipe to share, either send it to me to post, or tuck it in a comment. Not sure where this will go in the end, but it'll be an enjoyable trip.

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