Sunday, December 22, 2013

Changes are needed!

Hey everyone,

No, I haven't been doing much original cooking and that needs to change.  A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, so I have had to change my diet  . . . at the moment I am 35 lbs lighter and my blood sugar seems to be under control.  But I do feel pretty bored with a lo-carb diet so it's time to start cooking again and try and work on diabetic friendly recipes.

Am I surprised by the diagnosis?  Not overly shocked.  Diabetes does run in the family, including my grandmother and my daughter.  I've also been eating-out way too much and certainly been enjoying baked goods an awful lot.  So with a prescription for MetFormin and a few classes on dealing with Type 2 diabetes, I've been seriously watching what I eat . . . and to tell you the truth, I am bored!  There are hundreds of diabetic cookbooks and many of the recipes I have tried might please my doc, they do little for me . . . well other than in the blood sugar area.  I will be continuing my journey and looking for lo-carb, high taste, and interesting food.

Seriously, this isn't like a diet to lose a few pounds that you cheat on.  Cheating on diabetes is really life-threatening, and you can see the results every time you check your blood sugar. So no one else might end up reading my blog, but I do plan on writing more and more and focusing on my life with diabetes.  Every post will include my latest sugar result in three ways, that day's reading, my 7 day average, and my 30 day average.  For today I was 126, 102, 103.  Yes, I know today was a bit high, and I am pretty sure I can blame yesterday's mistakes with my diet.  I think that's how I realized how bored I was getting with my current diet and one of the reasons to start jazzing things up! 

So here goes a new chapter in my life and in my blog.  Anyone who wants to offer feedback and recipes, please do!  Who knows, I might actually learn something :-)

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