Thursday, January 20, 2011

Did Chili again!

Ran the Chili recipe again, this time a double batch so I had some at home as well as taking in a small crock pot full for the office. An empty crock pot is a good sign!

Made a couple of small changes. Still use chuck roast meat, but I am not as happy with it's texture after 2 hours of cooking. It does fall apart nicely, but it still is a touch chewy. I am debating cutting into smaller pieces or braising the meat separately before building the chili itself. Still debating on that one. I do know I want the meat to be less chewy.

It also was a little on the thin side, sauce-wise. I used corn starch instead of corn muffin mix and I might not have used enough. It had a great taste, without the slight corn taste I get from the muffin mix. I might have to pick up some Masa Harina flour next time! That seemed to be the perfect thickening agent for chili, but I haven't found a small package. Five pounds of masa flour tends to go bad. Guess I might have to find another use for it. maybe homemade corn tortillas?

Gotta weekend coming up and might have a few inches of snow. So gotta think of a few new recipes, something nice and hearty. Maybe an Irish Stew one evening! Anyone have a good recipe?

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